The to-do list was long. I had a coveted day off from regular working responsibilities, but that didn’t lessen the load of what I needed to accomplish. I woke up early when I could have slept in, feeling the pressure begin to mount as all of the undone things on my list called out to me.

I made some coffee, grabbed a notebook and pen along with my Bible and devotional book, and wandered outside to the porch swing. Warmer temps make outdoor morning devotions so much more fun.

The birds were singing: multiple songs, overlapping and interweaving. Bees were buzzing. Crickets were chirping. I chose to listen to their symphony, and my heart couldn’t help but worship the Creator alongside them.

As items from my to-do list came to mind, I jotted them down so as to dismiss them from my head. Due today became a separate column on the ever-growing list. My worries of “how can I accomplish all of this?” became overpowered by the symphony. Oh yes, God is my helper. I had to pause and listen again.

When my rapid-fire list-writing slowed, I traded my tablet for my devotional book. Ahhh, yes. A short truth about God’s faithfulness and grace and his ability to work alongside my weakness met me there. Just what I needed to hear, once again.

I picked up my Bible to read the verses that corresponded with the story, and my soul virtually leaped within me. Yes – God is faithful. The words were water to my thirsty spirit, so comforting and life giving. Grace poured over me in those moments.

I heard the symphony around me once again, and looked up as I prayed. Tears sprang to my eyes as I realized how much greener the grass suddenly looked. And the sky seemed bluer, too. I hadn’t noticed all of the beauty around me in my earlier haste.Seize the Day

Taking time to bring my day to Jesus is not just a wise suggestion; it is my daily survival. Various things vie for my time and attention throughout the days – most of which are very good. But if my soul is not anchored afresh to Christ on a daily basis, my spirit can be tossed around like an unmoored boat on the water, flowing with whatever current is strongest.

My to-do list is still long and there is much to accomplish today. But my Anchor assures my stability to survive whatever may come. I will survive, and even thrive, this day. Carpe diem.