When I was a little girl, it was a big deal when Grandma came to stay. Grandma was in a fragile state and sat in the biggest, softest living room chair for most of her visit. A decade later, a doctor would discover that both of her hip bones were worn down to almost nothing. Grandma had lived with a lot of pain. After hip replacement surgery, Grandma literally had a whole new spring to her step. But before the wonderful doctor discovered the source of her pain, several doctors told her she had severe arthritis, and one even suggested it was all in her head. They prescribed medications to help tolerate her pain, or illusions of pain; medications to help her sleep; for inflammation; and muscle relaxers. She would arrive for her visits with two suitcases; one for her clothing and a carry-on case that housed her numerous medications. That was the early 1970’s, and things were different then. But it left a lasting impression on my mom and on me, too. Doctors had prescribed medicines as a band-aid to my Grandmother, but it only took one good doctor to find the root of the problem and Grandma finally got relief.

Because of Grandma’s issues, my mom began to research herbs and vitamins for medical help before accepting a prescription. Of course, there are times for prescriptions, but mom has lived a healthy life choosing mostly natural alternatives. So, when I began to have issues with heartburn and acid reflux I asked my mom to help me find a remedy.

Somewhere in my early thirties I started having an issue with heartburn. As time went on it got worse, and I began to wake each morning with a sore, scratchy throat. That was concerning to me, since I am a vocalist. Eventually, I would wake in the middle of the night throwing up in my mouth; running to the bathroom to flush my mouth out. It did affect my voice. The top part of my vocal range began to disappear.

I went to my doctor and was prescribed Omeprazole. I saw it as a temporary fix, but it dried out my throat, which was a whole new problem to fight when singing. I began to think about having to deal with these issues for another forty or fifty years of living. I was working on my first CD at that time and the engineer I was working with told me he knew several studio vocalists that were no longer singing due to this problem. It was a frightening thought.

My mom had experienced heartburn that had turned into acid reflux,too. Since she used mostly “natural” healing remedies I asked her if she had found any cures. She had. She told me she took a tablespoon of Apple Cider Vinegar in an 6 oz. glass of water each day. I tried it, and it took me forever to get it down. I added it to juice. I tried just taking the apple cider vinegar down in a shot glass. It burned and I nearly threw up from the strength of its taste. I found myself frustrated, but in the midst of all my experimenting my acid reflux was getting better. The apple cider vinegar was having a healing effect.

One day as I scoured the vitamin shelf at the whole foods store, I saw a bottle that read Apple Cider Vinegar capsules. I thought, “ I can do that!” I have been taking Apple Cider Vinegar capsules for over 9 months. My acid reflux is now under control. My vocal range is healthy and normal. This is a natural healing remedy to a problem that could have taken the joy of singing and a peaceful night’s sleep away from me.

When reading about Apple Cider Vinegar, one of the oldest cleansers and disinfectants, it is praised for its ability to fight against bacteria,reduce inflammation, assist in the digestion process, and balance hormones and cholesterol. It is truly an amazing, natural cure!