Have you ever heard the saying that opposites attract? I have, and I am a strong believer in it. Have you ever observed this to be true? In so many couples, there is a bubbly, talkative woman with a very serious-minded man. Or a very strict and disciplined girl, with a guy that loves to enjoy all the silly things in life. It’s kind of funny that although we say that we seek to find someone with whom we have things in common, we are usually drawn to those whose strengths are different from our own.

Why does Neyo sing that the kind of girl that he needs is a miss independent, while Red Jumpsuit Apparatus sings of how his soul longs to be his girl’s guardian angel? Why is Bruno Mars willing to catch a grenade for a mean girl who won’t do the same, while the girl that lights up One Direction’s world is the insecure girl who doesn’t know she’s beautiful?

Is it strange that different characteristics catch our eyes?

There’s a quote that says, “In love you find the oddest combinations; materialistic people find themselves in love with idealists; clingers fall in love with players; homebodies capture and try to smother butterflies. And if it wasn’t so serious we could laugh at it.” The author is unknown.

Opposites attract because we recognize strengths in the other person that we lack ourselves. Intuition tells us that their time and friendship would make us better. It’s a beautiful moment when you find that person with whom you just click, but it is so important to be okay with the fact that you are not going to click with everyone.

Some people like chocolate, some like vanilla; some like salty, some like sweet; some like spicy, some are wimps. There will be one person whose attention you won’t really catch, while there will be another that won’t be able to stop thinking about you. Misfitting one person should not be perceived as rejection, but simply that your life was never meant to fit with theirs, and vice-versa.

Oftentimes relationships or friendships that never should have been pursued in the first place leave us feeling rejected. Every person needs to understand that a “no” does not devalue you.  It’s like sticking a DVD in a CD player. When you stick a DVD in a CD player, it won’t play. And if you try again and again, it will keep rejecting the DVD because it cannot read it and thinks that it has nothing to offer. But if you stick a DVD into a DVD player, it stays and reads perfectly. Not only will it stay, but you’ll soon be watching the fun movie on your DVD. Sadly, perceived rejection idly leaves its victims staring at his or her weaknesses, wondering what they did wrong.

When we believe we’ve been rejected, it puts fear in our hearts and disables us from believing that we are great. Maybe you’ve asked, “If I don’t matter to others, why would I matter to God?”

You need to remember that you are valuable. What you think matters. You matter to God. Satan is a liar and he whispers doubts to trap our mind.

Relevant Magazine wrote in an article What Men Want in a Godly Woman: “There is something about a confident woman that exudes beauty and attraction to a man. A woman who is confident knows who she is and what she believes, and holds onto that in her interactions with others.

“There is no such thing as the it girl. You master the it factor when you know who you are. What will bring more confidence than receiving everyone’s approval is not needing everyone’s approval. There’s something powerful about confidence. Those who own it reap the benefits of respect and self-contentment.