The sun was beginning to wane in the autumn sky, starting its descent for the day. With dinner behind us, I was ready to sit and visit with the family we had traveled over 600 miles to see. My sister got up from her chair as conversation continued all around, and she slipped on her shoes to go outside. As she quietly passed to go out the door, I asked her what she was going to do. “I have to change the oil in my car before it’s too dark to see,” she said.

Super Single Mom meme

She was parked on the street, right in front of our parent’s house. As she walked the short distance, I caught up with her and asked her why she didn’t just take it to a shop instead of doing it herself. “I don’t have extra money for things like that anymore, Tabby,” she said. “I have to save it where I can.”

I was flabbergasted to watch my sister lie down underneath her car to change the oil. That she even knew how seemed an enigma to me.

But life had changed in the few short months since the divorce. She didn’t have a choice about a lot of things anymore. She had to figure out how to get things done one way or another, even though it was often difficult.

That story happened several years ago, and my sister’s life has changed since then. But I still remember her struggles being a single mom. And it gives me compassion and empathy for other single moms, too.

We have an amazing opportunity in Minnesota this year. Bridging the Gap is hosting a fabulous retreat just for single moms this May 29-30. It will be a weekend of relaxation, refreshing, and fun where single moms will be “Dare[d] to Dream” about the plans God has for their lives. Along with biblical teaching and support, they will enjoy many free giveaways, including a Diva Boutique personal shopping experience, spa options, car checkups, a bonfire, and prize drawings for amazing gifts.

If you are a single mom, or if you know some, please share this great opportunity with them.

The cost is minimal, but for some it may be just out of reach. If you feel compelled to help out a mama in need of some TLC, you can sponsor someone for just a little bit more than the cost of having your oil changed at one of those fancy dancy oil-changing shops. And you may just change a family’s life for the better — forever.