Summer is here! The lake is calling and the kids want to go to the pool.

I’ve never met a woman who enjoys swimsuit shopping. It is a chore and when your body has changed from that teenage figure to a womanly figure; one can find it frustrating knowing what fit is best. For me, I want my swimsuit to be fashionable and fun, but I also want to know that I can go down a tube slide knowing my suit is going to hold on, not causing me or my family any embarrassing memories. So with that in mind, here are some helpful leads to flattering swimsuit fits that are fashionable, fun, and serve the purpose.

Swimsuits for Your Body TypeWhat’s your body type?

  • Oval – Your waist is fuller than your hips and bust.
  • Hourglass – Defined smaller waistline with equally proportioned hips and bust. (Curvy)
  • Rectangle – Your hips and shoulders are aligned with little indentation at the waist.
  • Triangle – Narrow torso with wider hips. (Pear-shape)

I want to give a shout out to the one-piece swimsuits! They can draw attention to the positives and camouflage the areas we want to downplay with color, prints, and cuts, and they often have better bust support than two-piece suits do.

When looking for a swimsuit, it’s much like looking for the right dress cuts for your body type. If you know what styles of dresses work best on your body, you have a head start as to what will be better cuts for you in swimwear.

The Oval Shape:

Empire Waist, Contrasting Color Panels, Sweetheart or V-Neck

The oval shape can play-down her middle by accenting her bust and creating a curvy silhouette with color panels.Swimsuit for Oval Shapes


The Hourglass:

Waist Definition, Ruching, Silhouette Cutouts

Oh, the hourglass! You can rock about anything. Showcase that waist!

Swimsuits for Hourglass Shape


The Rectangle:

Criss-Cross Wrap Waist, Plunging Necklines, High Legs, Ruching

The rectangle shape can create the illusion of more curves with a suit that accents the bottom half and creates curves through silhouettes and fabric placement.

Swimsuits for Rectangle Shape


The Triangle:

Color Lines (from top to bottom), Bust Embellishments

The triangle shape (also referred to as the pear shape) wants to balance her top half with her bottom. Solid colors or a print from top to bottom creates uniformity. Since the top half is narrower than the bottom, look for top details that draw the eye up and add to the bust.

pear swim


Summer is here! Don’t miss the fun…go out and get that swimsuit!