As I sit here in tears, it should be noted that I seriously considered not posting this. Seemed too divisive. But reading another post by someone I know and love that is at the expense of someone Jesus came for, fought for, died for, has me, well…

I recently shared in my post, “Real Love Does Not Ask Us To Change First,” that my life was saved by love that accepted me where I was at: A fully functioning addict. It didn’t shout judgment at me from internet posts. It did not impose harsh criticism. It did not make fun of me. It did not plaster generalizations about my particular proclivities online. It did not use posters and bullhorns on street corners to bring me to Jesus.

You see, that would have been ineffective. Counterproductive, in fact.

For many, Christianity looks like too many denominations, rules, scandals, doctrines, styles of worship, hypocrites, etc… So if this God stuff is all supposed to be so unifying and good, why isn’t it? A guess?

They aren’t seeing and hearing, “The greatest of these is love.”


In everything, love.

At all times, love.

At all costs, love.

Not, love and forget the ten commandments. Not, love and forget everything else Jesus said. Not, love and never, ever judge because judgment is always bad. Not, love and forget the rest of it. Don’t misunderstand.

Just use love as the standard against which you filter your words.

I get it. You have opinions. Strong ones. You feel like you are being marginalized. Like your faith/religion is under attack. You feel like your government and maybe even the world is against you. So you are speaking out. Standing up for your rights. And you are blessed that you live where you can do just that. I’m just not feeling Jesus in it.

Now that you are on what you believe to be the front lines of this war on Christianity and all eyes are on you, how will you respond? Will you take this moment to show the world that while you may fervently disagree, “Perfect love still casts out all fear.” That you are not going to panic. You are not going to act out of anger. Or bitterness. Or callous humor. Or contempt.

That you will not use name calling. You will not make jokes about the very people you claim to love. Will you recognize that those things, in fact, are what the devil wants? Because the world is watching and your joke could be at the expense of another lost life for Jesus.

Will you, instead, choose love and make room at your table for the people you see as the enemy?