“In repentance and rest is your salvation, in quietness and trust is your strength…”  Isaiah 30:15

Not much in the world is harder than just “being,” that place of not striving to be more than you are. And yet, it should be the simplest of things.

What draws us to the urgency of busyness and expectation? What pulls us from the quiet place of settling into who we are in Christ and pushes us into the charade that says doing is better than being? A full life of good things that we weren’t designed to do causes us to feel that we are not enough. Just being, on the other hand, settles us. Finding stillness in God cultivates us to be who he made us to be. Trusting him and who he says we are plants us firmly and intentionally where we were meant to be. There, we can flourish into all we were created to be. When we are still in his presence instead of busy in ourselves, God is able to nurture that which he placed inside of us to impact our world and bring him glory.

Are there areas in your life in which you need to learn to just “be”? In what ways can you trust God and go about walking this challenge out?