God can read. I know that might sound odd, but I distinctly remember a moment journaling early in my marriage when it occurred to me that God can read. I was feeling a certain way so strongly that I couldn’t talk about it out loud yet, so I went to “vent” to God through prayer, on paper. As I poured out my heart, I realized how thankful I was that God can read. I did not want to say those things out loud. Nor should I have, if I recall correctly.

This thought has come to my mind several times since then, usually when I feel so overwhelmed that the only way for me to process is to write. Some people play music, run, paint, draw, garden, or whatever. I mainly write and create with my hands (knitting, sewing, gardening, and so on). It’s my way of organizing and expressing what feels stuck inside of me, so that it can get out. It’s healing, restoring, and connects me to my creator, God. It is good.

As I recently sat in a room with many other writers, it seemed the benefits of writing that I experience rung true for them as well. It seemed to be a common thread making strangers quick friends, and I know many other things do that for people too.

We’re already a few weeks into the new year, and some people have probably already decided their New Year’s resolutions aren’t that important or maybe have quit already.

With that in mind, I want to issue a challenge. Whatever “your thing” is to feel connected with God and express your heart, commit to doing it for five minutes, once a week, for a month. Yes, I’m asking for you to commit 20 minutes total over the next 30 days to get back to the gift God has given you to sense his presence, his nearness, and his good. Use it well and listen to what God has to say to you as you do. He is not limited to reading. He can also listen, see, feel, move, cause things to grow, shape, mold, speak things into being by the very power he has. The possibilities of interacting with God are limitless because he is.

Let your focus be on connecting with and hearing from God and following his lead this year. That may be to eat healthier or get more active or go on more dates with your spouse or significant other. It can look a lot of different ways, but I know God is one who desperately wants to connect with us. Love us. He sees us where we’re at and wants to walk with us through whatever joy, trial, triumph, or pain we’re facing.

You are not alone. Remember that God will meet you anywhere, anytime, with a faithful and loving heart.