When we believe God has called us to a specific area in life, all we need to do is be faithful and obedient.

When we proclaim faith and belief in God’s calling in our life and his hand over our situations, it is a contradiction to hold back praise, edification, assistance, and encouragement for other people who are called by his name. Whether it is through fear of not fully receiving what we believe God has for us, or fear of not reaching where we feel he’s called us to, we should not hold back our support and praise.

If others in a similar niche of interest, calling, or passion, appear to be “succeeding” faster than us, or “better” than us, there is a temptation to bail on support or championing attitude for that person through our own insecurity of wondering if our place in life will be somehow be taken. Comparison is sneaky and leads to all sorts of trouble. We must focus on where we are at in our moment and our seasons according to God’s leading. Trust God and be joyful in each marking point of your journey.

Be happy for others.

Rejoice in their moments.

Edify, uplift, and enrich them.

Encourage them.

Don’t worry where “they are at” or “have arrived” compared to where you feel you “are not” . . . be their cheerleader, and continue to know God is YOUR APPOINTER.

Cast aside disguised jealousy, hidden covetousness, masked contempt, etc., and richly raise up those around you and compliment their giftings.

There is no worry about competition in God’s family. He has a place reserved in each phase of your life that works together with all his children and what he’s called them to fulfill. His intricate plan and deep love for you does not end in you “accidentally” getting sifted out, overlooked, or forgotten.

So, rather than worrying about appointing yourself in various ways of diligence (even in your thought life), allow God to appoint you.

Walk in faith and joy,

~ Robyn