Fall is just about here. It is my favorite season for many reasons. My senses come alive with the crisp autumn air, the scent of bonfires, the tastes of apple and pumpkin, and the gorgeous trees showing off their hues of orange, brown, gold, and red.  

After summer’s minimal wear, I am overjoyed to pull out my jackets and sweaters and denim, layering fabrics and accessories.

Here’s a peek of what you’ll be seeing this fall in fashion.fashion-image-1

1.  Accessories: Bucket purses, chunky heel shoes, vintage brooches, gemstone drop earrings, socks with heels & neckerchiefs. Remember, you don’t need to buy a whole new wardrobe. Add just a couple of these accessories to your look and you’ll be on trend.   

fashion-image-2  2. Pants: Honestly, we’re seeing almost every style of pant out there.  But this fall you will see a lot of crop pants – both tapered leg and wide leg.fashion-image-3

3. Tops: Extra long sleeves (often covering the hand), bell sleeves, and feminine details.

fashion-image-44. Dresses and Skirts: Much like pants right now, skirts are coming in a variety of hem lengths.  

They are all over the board from short, above the knee, to below the knee and midi length. One thing is for sure, there are a lot of wild prints this fall.   

For more inspiration for your fall wardrobe, check out the fall 2016 color palette from http://unhabonita.com.br/pantone-aurora-red-fall-2016/.  


I suggest that my clients buy only a few items in the color pallet of what’s “Hot” at this moment.  If you want a few items to freshen your look for this season, I suggest a purse, a blouse, or a pair of shoes with a belt. It is easy to add accessories and not break the bank. Remember, what’s in this Fall will pale in favor next Fall. Classic staples are always the best. Adding a few trendy pieces to your wardrobe will bring your look on trend.

Stylist:  Kathy Banta