Oh, the beloved Valentine’s Day! The day when everyone that’s in love gives and receives cards, candy, roses, and romance. For those of us who are single, this day is no different than any other. For some it is a painful reminder of what we don’t have…a sweetheart. I’ve been single now for six years. Initially, after my divorce, it was hard to not only walk through this day but any holiday. There is something to be said about companionship on days that are all about communing and connecting, spending time together celebrating love.

If we are not careful, days like these can distort our perspective about our perceived value and worth. This is common when you have experienced love and loss. It is never easy, no matter the circumstances of your singleness. The never-married-but-want-to-be, the was-married-and-now-divorced, or the was-married-and-now-widowed all have different coping strategies to “get them through” the day.

This year I wanted to have a different perspective going into days like Valentine’s Day. I wasn’t quite sure on how to go about this until I heard (on more than one occasion) how important it is to not only speak your requests to the Lord but to write them down.

Let love and faithfulness never leave you; bind them around your neck, write them on the tablet of your heart. Proverbs 3:3 (NIV)

After a disappointing situation with a recent relationship, I pledged to not only speak my request to my Heavenly Father but to write it down. For some reason, writing down my thoughts releases the pressure in my brain. I’m sure most women can relate. We carry way too much excess pressure up there.

I have a hope to someday marry again. Because I believe that our Heavenly Father gives us the desires of our hearts when they are in line with his will, I have chosen to have a perspective of expectancy!

Take delight in the Lord, and he will give you your heart’s desires. Psalms 37:4 (NLT)

I even have gone as far as imagining what my future husband will look like, what amazing adventures we will embark on, and the potential quirks we might share.

This year I hope all of you single ladies will join me in pledging to not only speak your requests to God about your future valentine but write them down.

Dear Future Valentine,

Someday I will get to share with you the prayers and requests I have lifted up to the Lord about you. I have dreamed about and imagined you for quite some time now. I am excited for the day I will meet you and experience my heart skipping a beat as it confirms you are the one. The Love that you hold within you is a promise to me that God is not just preparing anyone to be my future husband but you, a man of integrity and honor. Someone that I can fearlessly trust — not just trust with my heart, but with us and our future. I’m looking forward to the many times I will need to “pinch” myself because it will hardly seem real. Finding you, this man refined and reserved for me. So on this Valentine’s Day as we spend it apart, know that I’m praying, trusting, and believing God for you. My sweet, sweet Valentine.

I love you already,