I love our library, and the kids love it too. We go to Lego Time when we can, and our library has a really huge creative play area where they can play store, kitchen, mailman, and ice cream shop.

My trouble is in picking out good books. The kids usually pick them out (lots of Disney character books), and I usually discover what we checked out when we get home. Let me tell you, there are some duds out there.

This is why I was so excited to find Read-Aloud Revival! Not only does this resource include a book list of the author’s all-time favorite books per age, she also sends out a book list each month with THE BEST picture books to read during that month. The author, Sarah Mackenzie, is a Christian and notates when a book has a Christian message. Other recommended books are just good, wholesome, awesome, beautiful books with uplifting messages.

Her April book list just came out and the books are all about gardening, Easter, baby animals, and the change from winter to summer… Spring!

I print the list out, sit down with my computer and open our library website. Then I select to search from All Libraries and reserve each book I can find. This month I was able to reserve 24 out of her 28 recommended springtime books. And they look stunning. I can’t wait for them to arrive!

If you’re interested in finding quality children’s books, check out Read-Aloud Revival and sign up for Sarah’s emails so you start receiving her book lists. These are the stories we want our kids to read!

Guest Contributor Becca Groves is a stay-at-home mom to three awesome kids, Ivar, Elsie and Hattie. She and her husband, Rory, live on a hobby farm where they keep bees, tap maple trees, have chickens and kittens and a garden. She blogs about her adventures in motherhood, marriage, and hobby farming at joyfullybecca.com.