“50 is the new 40,” “Blush is the new neutral,” “This is the new that” is very trendy. We do our best to make people feel younger and in style. But the “this is the new that” trend has taken a nasty turn. I heard it the other day: “Sitting is the new smoking!” How is that supposed to make me feel better? It’s not. It’s supposed to motivate me to get up off my tush and move.

The newest trend in moving is making your treadmill into a desktop and doing your work there All. Day. Long. In the television segment I saw on the subject, there was a woman at work walking on her treadmill typing away on her computer—WEARING HEELS! I’m sorry. I’m all for exercise but that’s just plain dumb. Let’s be honest, “Treadmill walking in heels is the new retirement plan for foot surgeons.” I fully understand a person’s desire to be moving more but let’s be reasonable about it, people! Pull out your tennis shoes! Get them in different colors to match your outfits and be nice to your feet. They have to last you until you die and if you wear them out, you might as well have smoked because you won’t be going anyplace fun anyway.

I’m not even sure I could accomplish much during a work day if I tried to walk, think, and type all at the same time. I can read my Kindle while walking on my treadmill but that’s about as advanced as I get—and I don’t walk all that fast. But if you’re able to walk and work, go for it. I admire your moxie. But for the love of all that’s healthy and good, be nice to your feet!

Should you want to make your own treadmill desk, click here for instructions. Otherwise, you’ll be paying upwards of $600 for your torture device. As for me, I’ll just keep bonding with my treadmill 30 minutes a day—in my tennis shoes. And maybe I’ll die a year before the high-heeled treadmill walkers. But my feet won’t die before I do.