“It’s better to have a partner than go it alone. Share the work, share the wealth. And if one falls down, the other helps.” (Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, MSG)

“Mom. Our neighbor was right; turning seven is THE BEST.”

My son continued on excitedly, describing a school day consisting of cupcakes, classmates singing happy birthday on repeat, and being celebrated everywhere he turned.

Celebrated. As we chatted, I tucked that stray thought away so I could pull it out and ponder it later.

My son and husband have birthdays only three days apart, and it was at the surprise party for my husband’s milestone birthday that the theme surfaced again. My heart was filled to overflowing to see childhood friends and brand new friends and friends from every circle of our lives gathered around the table, laughing as they gently ribbed my husband about his new decade. Celebrated.

It isn’t presents and cake that made my son’s (and my husband’s) birthday an over-the-top, extra fun occasion, it was the people in their lives who paused in their daily routine to recognize and celebrate them.

Celebrating milestones allows us a moment’s pause to reflect before casting our vision forward.


Life is far too short not to celebrate the good things, the accomplishments, the successes of those around us. Every. Chance. We. Get. We need cheerleaders, encouragers, influencers, and nudgers in our lives who will mourn with us, spur us on, and gently shove us off the cliff of whatever new adventure we are contemplating. We need people in our lives who will pause with us to acknowledge small and large accomplishments, who will dream with us about what the future holds. We need people who will celebrate with us.

God knew this, knows this. Scripture is replete with calls for believers to gather in community and unity, to ride to one another’s rescue, to do life together. The first-century church is described as family, as parts of the same body, as being adopted into joint heirship with Jesus. It is a model for living life that is God-breathed.

Let’s not get so busy getting things done that we forget to celebrate the lives of those around us.

Who can you celebrate today, this week, this month? Take a moment to write  a note, throw a party, or take that person out for an ice cream cone in celebration.