Any time of year is a great time to read a book but during the summer when days are slower and warmer, grabbing a book and a glass of sweet tea as you head to the deck just sounds so inviting, doesn’t it? But what book would fit the bill? As it so happens, our writers here at Bridging the Gap also love to read and love to talk about what we’ve read. Take a look. Maybe you’ll find one that’ll be a perfect fit for you. And don’t worry, summer isn’t over yet! There’s still time!

Seeking Allah, Finding Jesus by Nabeel Qureshi — Nabeel grew up in a Muslim home and is a self-proclaimed momma’s boy. In college, he met his new best friend, David, who introduced him to Christianity. Nabeel is sure Christianity is off-base because of what he’d been taught growing up, but David encourages him to seek the truth about God. Even though the reader knows from the start that Nabeel eventually comes to know Christ, this book is still an interesting read. Nabeel shares what it’s like to grow up in a Muslim home in the United States, and how difficult it was for him to leave his family’s religion even though, after careful research and consideration, he knows that Christianity is the true path to God. This book is filled with Christian apologetics which can tend to bog a person down at some points but still, it’s a very good read. Nancy Holte

Gift from the Sea by Anne Morrow Lindbergh — Anne Morrow Lindbergh is best known as the wife of famed aviator Charles Lindbergh, but she was also an acclaimed author and a groundbreaking aviator herself. In 1955, she took a solo trip to a secluded beach cabin and spent some time reflecting on life and womanhood. The end result is this beloved book. The chapters read like blog posts – each starts with something she observed in nature or in the solitude of her time at the beach and then draws from it an illustration about life, motherhood, aging, peace, and womanhood in general. Her writing voice is as calm and peaceful as the secluded beach imagery, and it reads like a calming afternoon with an older, wiser friend.
Karah Hawkinson

Thorn in My Heart by Liz Curtis Higgs — A master storyteller, Liz Curtis Higgs takes us to the Scottish Lowlands for a bold retelling of the biblical accounts of Jacob, Esau, Leah, and Rachel. Follow the stories of Leana and Rose, two sisters who love each other dearly but are nothing alike. Jamie, on the run from his deceitful past and his angry brother, must pick one of the sisters for his wife. Which one will he choose? Will it be fair haired Leana who is good with business and running a household or the dark haired Rose who loves life and seeks adventure at every turn? More than a romance novel, this novel explores what it means to be loved and forgiven by God. Be sure to grab the other books in the Lowlands of Scotland series; you’re not going to want to wait to read the next one! Andrea Christenson

The Whole Town’s Talking by Fannie Flagg — This story is a wonderful view of the early American settlers written by one of my all time favorite American authors, Fannie Flagg. This is pure Americana. Fannie’s stories are unfailingly full of character, life, and joy. The hero of the book is an immigrant from Sweden who has realized his American dream of owning his own home and land. This quiet, silent man settled in Missouri and became a dairy farmer.  Once he had built his farm and recruited many other Swedes to settle and establish a wonderful town, he realized, at 37 years old, that he needed to find a wife. So begins an adventure of a shy farmer finding a mail order bride. Take a trip back to the past and experience the America of the late 1800’s where all you needed to succeed was hard work and good neighbors. Jayne Poli

The Blessing by John Trent, Ph.D., and Gary Smalley — The Blessing first came out in 1986, and a generation of parents learned the importance of speaking words of blessing to their families. Now, John Trent and Gary Smalley have re-released this well-loved book with new insights into the challenges of parenting in the modern era. The book’s website also offers online resources galore. The Blessing is a tremendous gift to those who seek healing from a childhood where the parental blessing was missing, as well as those striving to bless their own families and instill in their children the confidence and joy that comes from unconditional love. Karah Hawkinson