What has developed your point of view about leadership? There are many factors that affect us: background and socio-economic status, teachers, parents, pastors, etc. These factors influence how we think and feel about leading and motivating people.

A mature, well-developed leadership point of view takes godly mentors and study of the word of God. Perhaps you are one of the fortunate ones who has had sterling examples of leadership. Do not despair if you have not had the privilege of having proximity to a great leader. There is a way to mitigate a lack of real-life examples. It is through godly leadership books and the Bible. One of my favorite books on this subject is “The Leadership Secrets of Billy Graham” by Harold Myra and Marshall Shelley.  

Regardless of how many examples of leadership we look to, the Bible is the source of truth and our ultimate guidebook. A conscience decision to adhere to God’s word, despite our circumstances or past examples, is essential for developing as a leader.  

The Bible helps us discover our purpose and teaches us how to interact well with others. The end goal is to know him, the power of his resurrection, and the fellowship of his suffering. This is self-leadership at its finest. God’s clear direction to be a minister for him and to equip his people for the work of ministry means we must lead. We must lead people to understand there is no greater joy and purpose in life than to serve God. Serving God is what gives purpose, meaning and significance to every person’s life.

Think back to the most influential church leader in your life. The attitudes and actions of that person impacted you because of the passion and commitment to obeying God’s word and showing love in action—empathy. God wants us to do that for others as well.

I watched leaders in my church love others and serve them. Their example impacted my walk with Christ and how I show love. This is true leadership. They were open to teaching me to love and serve. These leaders modeled how to recognize giftings in me and others around me. They were confident enough to delegate responsibility for appropriate tasks that allowed me to grow in my abilities.

Because of this, when I am tempted to get the job done myself, I will pause and ask God if this is something that needs to be delegated to someone who needs to stretch in this area. I will pray about the direction God wants to go in the area of serving and look for his plans. I do my best to ensure that those I influence will feel loved, appreciated, and supported, so that others can, in turn, give that same warmth, caring, and fun spirit to those they lead.