Is it okay to wear leggings in the workplace?

The thought almost curls my hair! Wait, I already have curly hair. Maybe I’ve been shocked a bit too much by what I’ve seen? Just so you know, I’m laughing as I write this, but when I hear that question, I want to shout “No!” But the truth is, it depends on where you work and how you wear them.

We’ve all seen women in the mall wearing leggings as if they’re jeans. For those of us who have to see them, it looks as if they put on a pair of tights and walked out of the house. I don’t care how thin or how young you are, this is not a “good” look. This is an, “I’m unaware of my world” look.

Leggings can be appropriate in a more casual work environment. Our eyes may have been assaulted by the many who wear leggings wrong, but it can be done correctly.

  1. First, true leggings are as thick as tights and often thicker, giving structure and a flattering leg line. You should not be able to see through the weave.

  1. When wearing leggings, choose a top garment that covers the crotch and derriere.   Since leggings are clingy, this is an area that should be covered, especially in the work place.

  1. Break up the leg so “clingy” isn’t the first thought one thinks. You can do this by wearing riding boots or booties. This is a fun way to show off those boots while your legs look great!

So DON’T throw out your leggings!  But DO put thought into how you wear them.


Kathy Banta

Author Kathy Banta

Kathy is a wardrobe consultant at A La Mode Wardrobe Consulting. She is also a passionate speaker for women’s events, sharing on the topic of “Loving Who You Are,” a message of self-esteem. Kathy is also a songwriter and vocalist, and has released several CDs of original music. She has been married to Peter for twenty-eight years and is the mom of three.

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  • wewe says:

    Last week, I saw a warm jumpsuit on this website, but the seller is in China, I have little experience in shopping abroad. Can you give me some advice?

    • Kathy Banta says:

      Shopping abroad is hit and miss. I have ordered items from companies such as Boden and had a positive experience with quality, sizing and value. But, I have also ordered items from smaller companies, selling items for fantastic prices and my experience has been disappointing. The items were poorly made and the structure was out of proportion. I’m sorry I can not give you a definitive answer but, honestly, it’s a gamble.

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