Choose joy!

These two words were part of the theme for the first Bridging the Gap women’s conference I attended several years ago, and became an impactful part of my life afterward that I still remember today. Since then, I have attended numerous spring conferences that have comforted me when I grieved, challenged me in my faith, and encouraged me to dream big.

Beyond the conference, I have found these weekends away have become a tradition as a wonderful time away with friends. We stay together in a nearby hotel, get dinner together, and stay up late into the night talking, crying, and laughing. I always go home refreshed and revitalized.


I have been blessed each year by speakers who shared honestly and artists who worshipped extravagantly. Each year has offered different themes and messages, leadership trainings and resources.


I am always so encouraged as we gather together women of all ages and stages of life, representing many different churches from all across the state, with one purpose in mind: to celebrate Jesus. Who he is, what he has done and what he is going to do!


This year will be no exception. The theme “Free to Flourish” excites me because we have freedom in Christ to become all that he has for us, to flourish in whatever situation we find ourselves!

The BTG conferences have become an annual tradition and I would encourage anyone to go, you’ll definitely be blessed. For more information, go here.

Kendra Egeland Roehl

Author Kendra Egeland Roehl

Kendra received her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in social work and has worked for hospice programs, low-income housing, and the St. Cloud Veterans Affairs Medical Center. A mother of four, she and her husband are both foster and adoptive parents. She is a speaker and writer about topics such as marriage, motherhood, foster care, adoption, and social justice at The Ruth Experience.

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