Growing up healthy is something that we all want for our children.  Taking healthy steps along the way will help ensure that process is successful. 


Do you remember the phrase “Garbage in, garbage out”?  When you consider that we are what we eat, that phrase becomes very important when raising healthy children.  Our children need nourishing food.  When our children receive proper nutrition, they will be able to perform better in school.  A healthy breakfast, snack and lunch will help them concentrate, focus and learn the way they are designed.  Fast food restaurants are designed to provide food fast, not necessarily nutritious.  Fast foods are typically high in poor fats and cholesterol, especially trans-fats.  Our bodies do not have the ability to break down those types of fats, without oxidation or free radicals occuring. 


Eliminating as many toxins from your household environment is another factor in raising a healthy family.  Cigarette smoke, or smoke of any kind, is an extremely toxic substance that kills millions of people every year.  Other airborne toxins include dust, dirt and dander.  These irritants in a child’s environment can cause respiratory irritation, infection, damage and disease.  Children need clean, fresh air in order to get the oxygen that the body requires.


One way to help ensure that children grow up healthy is to make sure they have a properly functioning nervous system.  This system is the master control system and the communication system within the body.  In order for you to be healthy, this system must function without interference.  Interference can present in the way of spinal misalignments, or subluxations.  Your chiropractor can determine if there are subluxations present in your child’s spine.  Subluxations cause interference to your child’s nervous system.  Removing subluxations will allow your child to grow up healthy and functioning at their highest potential.