I spent some time re-reading old journals this morning: quiet moments to contemplate and appreciate. What a trip it was to visit past experiences and prayers and to watch God’s hand of faithfulness in action in my life. Over and over I saw my insecurities and issues splayed out in print, and then saw as God sewed together the rough edges.

How can I not “get” this after hearing it so many times? God loves me, truly. He has a good plan for my life. He believes in me and wants to use me for His glory. He trusts me. He promises to lead if I’ll follow. He’s backed it all up with Scripture to prove His points. And still my heart has a difficult time acknowledging and accepting these truths (that are actually true for all believers).

Today is a new day. I choose to begin again to put into motion the advances God wants me to make for His Kingdom. I choose to trust that He means what He says, and I will take the little that I bring and allow Him to multiply it for His glory. Today is the day.