I love a good surprise. When I think of big surprises, my mind doesn’t wander much further than the biggest one of all – a rolled-away stone from an empty tomb. Despite all the ways Jesus tried to tell his believers his resurrection was going to happen, when the women arrived at the gravesite, there is only one word that aptly describes the moment – surprised. Their senses were shocked by what they saw, or maybe rather what they didn’t see.  

For years, our family and one other has been in charge of a large Easter egg hunt at our church for all the little ones. But the last two years, we have been the ones surprised by some unexpected eggs showing up at our house. After cleaning up the church’s egg hunt, we have arrived home to find a few brightly colored ovals peeking out from hiding spots, and an equally bright note on our door.

We had been “egged.” Not the shenanigan style type of egging, but rather a beautiful reminder of the surprise experienced by the first believers at Jesus’ tomb. Exactly twelve eggs are hidden, but only eleven contain goodies. The twelfth egg is empty as a remembrance to the best surprise the world has ever received – Jesus resurrection.

Even our teenagers loved the unexpected egg hunt, and the best part of this simple Easter DIY is that even the smallest of helpers can participate. Grab some eggs and some goodies and leave an Easter surprise for your friends and neighbors!

Easter EGG Surprise DIY

Supplies Needed:

A Cute Note introducing the fun.
“You’ve been EGGED! We’ve hidden 12 eggs in your yard! Enjoy the hunt, but don’t be discouraged to find an empty egg. It’s a simple reminder of Jesus. For He is RISEN indeed!”

12 plastic Easter Eggs

Small items* (such as stickers, Legos, candies)


Print the EGGED note.

Fill 11 of the 12 plastic eggs with the treats.

Take the eggs to the house of a friend or neighbor, when you know they won’t be home.

Hide the eggs in the front yard, making sure one or two are visible when they arrive home.

Tape the note to the front door.