Do know that feeling when there’s a calling and passion placed in your heart? That feeling where you just want to thrive and burst in the purpose you were made for?

I do.

I also know that God likes to develop those he’s called to specific purposes in various kinds of waiting periods and growth processes. When I feel I’ve mastered patience, and that I am finally meant to step out, God tends to stretch my growth in patience and trust even further! Learning patience mixed with a heart of overflowing passion is not easy at all, but it is very necessary.

It was years and years after the biblical David was anointed to be king that he actually BECAME king. Although the links between the Bible and Star Wars might not seem obvious, there are parallels we can learn from. For instance, Anakin Skywalker could have learned a lesson in patience from King David. We ALL can. The waiting period doesn’t mean we are forgotten, or that who we are is overlooked or lessened. It means we are being grown and developed because those traits exist and are seen. When I look back now, I realize I was like Anakin when I fell to misery. I tried doing so much by my own timing and power, rather than God’s.

There are a lot of lessons that can be learned through Star Wars, all the way to grieving over loved ones. Anakin didn’t grieve, let go, and walk in faith; when hard times came, he turned around with an evil vengeance. It destroyed what he could have done should he have handled his mother’s death differently. Instead, he destroyed other people’s lives (child prodigies, their families, and more) in the process. He destroyed his own life, as well, all while trying to gain control and power over something he could not — the loss of his mom. Through these actions of surrendering his true self, he took on a new name with his character:  Darth Vader. However, I also love how in this story, Anakin…excuse me, Darth Vader…finds redemption in the end. 

It’s never too late.

I cannot stress that enough.


What drives your life? What makes it hard to be patient when patience is required in a seemingly dire or demanding circumstance? Have you ever experienced a time when you wanted to jump into a situation and you were advised to wait? Sometimes, it would seem that those who instruct us to wait and grow in the midst of a trying and/or tragic circumstance are cutting short what we believe we can do. I have learned that it’s not because of what they think I can’t do, it’s because they see my potential, and what I can become, if I allow myself to grow during the “waiting period.” For Anakin, it was quite apparent to us the areas of growth he needed before being in the battlefield with his potential power. We understood Obi-Wan’s cautions. At least for me, I wanted to tell the screen, “It’s not that he doesn’t believe in you! He DOES! He cares. Just listen.” Yet, when it comes to our own lives it is not always as easy to see. Anakin’s storyline reminded me of my relationship with God. He also uses other people in our lives to pour into us. That is another reason it is important to have mentors in our lives who disciple us and give good instruction.

Even now, I can say that when I feel something impressed upon my heart during prayer, I ask God to confirm those things to me through people in my life who have a strong relationship with him and are filled with such discernment. Sometimes, I am advised to wait. Do I like to wait? Honestly, no. Though I have learned the value of that waiting period. The other honest end of it? I have also come to know the fun and peace I have during the waiting period. Whenever I look back, I find my time spent in the waiting period is just as invaluable as when that specific waiting period ended.

Who said God couldn’t make the “waiting period” enjoyable, fun, and a blessing? Even after various waiting periods though, we never stop learning. I don’t have it all figured out, and I will never have it all figured out. The day we close off learning is the day we stump our own calling. Do I still go through struggles with this? YES!

I leave you with this question:  who are your “Obi-Wan Kenobis,” “Qui-Gon Jinns,” and “Yodas”?