Part II of Ellie Lofaro’s article, “American Beauty?”

     When my son Jordan was ten, he went to a sleep-over at a “Christian” home. The highlight? A crude Adam Sandler flick. Jordan said the birthday boy’s father laughed the hardest. Imagine– the liberals of Hollywood give a movie a PG-13 rating and the conservatives of suburbia decide it’s appropriate for fourth graders. When my older daughter went to a party with other middle schoolers, the birthday girl dropped “The Blair Witch Project” into the VCR. (Yes, the parents were in the house.) Paris dismissed herself to the kitchen and so, gave others the courage to do the same. Our youngest child Capri knows that Brandy, Brittney  and the Backstreet Boys are not her reason for living.

Should we ban ALL of it? Never. I am not fond of the dark ages. Let’s not go back there but let’s get educated. Ignorance is not bliss. If you have kids, take some time to watch a T.V. show, listen to a song and read a chapter of a book with them. What a wonderful opportunity to discuss family values and the narrow road that leads to life.

     With or without kids in the house, those of us who have the conviction  to emulate God  must have a higher standard than the czars and slaves of pop-culture.  I spoke with  a “church-going” dad on the soccer field and he explained that he listens to Howard Stern every day for “sheer entertainment.” When I asked about his four sons embracing Howard’s views some day—he told me that will be their decision to make—not his. 

     I am saddened to see professing Christians feeding on today’s trash. And who is say it’s trash? Watch where the vultures fly. Doves, on the other hand, have single focused vision. They only see the goal—the destination. Hmmm. Nowadays, plenty of people call trash “art.”  But true art never made anybody sick. Am I suggesting America is looking pale? Watch the news and decide for yourself.  A foreign aristocrat once remarked  “America is great because America is good.” Are we “good?” The prison population has exceeded two million. Children are shooting children. Pornography is spreading at epidemic proportions. Abortion is still big business. Domestic violence is on the rise. The ghetto is yet home to millions. Drug and alcohol abuse touch every strata of society.

     “But…God.”  I love those two words. Look through scripture at seemingly impossible circumstances. When at least one person had faith, things worked toward the good. Jesus said “Follow me.” Sounds simple but that’s where the simple part ends. The Christian life demands hard choices. Let’s not drown in the undertow of the enemy. Only the dead fish go with the flow–healthy fish swim against the current! I believe our country can be restored to greatness and goodness. It will be accomplished one household at a time. Maybe it’s your turn to take the trash out.