We celebrated our twentieth anniversary on March 27, 2002. Marrying Frank J. Lofaro, Jr. was the second best decision of my life. I would like to figure out where twenty years went. Oh well, that’s another story. We couldn’t get reasonable airfares because of spring break and we didn’t want to be away from the children for Easter, so we finally took off on April 7. From the moment we landed on that sunny Sunday afternoon to the time we flew home a few days later, we had a great sense of well-being. Many believers have sensed a darkness or oppressiveness when they visit some foreign places but I cannot adequately verbalize how this particular place was the exact opposite.

        The island is a very peaceful one. The people are full of joy. Even with such a small population, the churches dot the landscape in every direction. Many Bahamians told us that theirs is a “Christian nation.” This is not to say that others would feel unwelcome. On the contrary, the love of Christ is evident there and we were continually taken back to observe Jesus Christ being glorified everywhere we went and in every conversation we had with the natives.

       It began with the hotel van driver at the airport. Frank customarily hangs back while I enter into conversation with strangers. I leaned forward and smiled,

        “The weather is beautiful here. We left rain and clouds in Washington DC.”

        “Ohhh yes Mam. Da good Lord has blessed us with blue skies and sunshine.”

The hotel receptionist referred to the Lord with the same ease and that night, the taxi driver did the same on the short ride to dinner. Frank asked him about the extent of damage from their last hurricane.

        “God protected us and He was with us and we praise Him for never abandoning us.”

The seafood was fabulous, but somehow, it tasted even better that night. The waiter was so kind and the busboy explained his intentions to make a difference for Jesus by attending seminary. He is working hard and saving money to do so. The next day, we rented a Jeep for a few hours and drove around the island. Imagine my delight when I turned on the radio and heard many familiar Christian singers. On a secular pop station, a commercial came on announcing that Psalty, the Singing Songbook (a Christian ministry to children) would be coming to Grand Bahama. The two shows were sponsored by Kentucky Fried Chicken and McDonalds! (Why can’t WE do that???)