“Look to the Lord for His strength; seek His face always. Remember the wonders He has done!”  I Chronicles 16: 11

Remember looking up at Niagara Falls, feeling the cool, wet mist blowing on your face, and seeing the rainbows from the massive water crashing beside you?

Remember the majestic mountains of Norway, the snow glistening on the pines, and the quiet blanket of white every where you looked?

Remember walking through the Red Wood Forest—so quiet you could hear a mouse scampering in the brush, feeling the might of the towering trees reaching up to the heavens so high we couldn’t see the tops?

Remember sitting on the shore of the ocean, smelling the salty air, watching the crimson sunset fade on the horizon, and hearing the crashing of the waves reaching closer and closer to our feet?

Remember looking at the mosaic pattern on the long neck of the giraffe, the perfect stripes on the zebra? The spots on the leopard? The delicate and brilliant feathers of the chickadee? The florescent fish of the sea?


I created all of this for YOU! I did it because I love YOU! ~God