I have an extensive corporate background.  I was in management, with people reporting to me.  I had budget responsibilities, projects I managed, and most importantly, I was directly responsible for adding to the company’s bottom line.  I was important.  I left all this to help my husband start a business. 

Last winter, my husband and I decided to close our business and go back to the corporate world.  With my background, it should be easy for me to find a job.  I quickly found this was not the case.  Therefore, I decided to go through a temporary employment agency to get some work while I looked for a “real” job. 

One day I found myself working for a company putting stickers on bags.  I was throwing a pity party for myself and I had the nerve to invite God, but I am so glad I did.  What he said to me was priceless and I want to share it with you.

Thought for the Week:  God told me he was teaching me servant leadership.  He is the only one I need to impress.  I need daily to seek the audience of one.  When I am totally in line with Him and his plan for my life, it really does not matter what I am doing.  I can touch someone’s life for eternity by being willing to place stickers on a bag.     

Matthew 20:20-28