This past summer my Mom came all the way from New York to Minneapolis too spend 6 whole days with me!  It was so wonderful to have her here.  I wanted her to get a little glimpse of what our life here is like.  It has been 2 years since her last visit and there has been so much change.   I was glad my mother was going to be here for a Sunday, I wanted her to be able to go to church with us and meet some of our friends and community.  We can always count on Scott (the Pastor) to speak on issues that are relevant, yet subversive, to our culture.  My husband and I absolutely love our church and we were excited to see what my Mom thought of it all.  Corner Church is not your average church, although we are all average, common people coming together for community, relationship and Jesus.  We meet at Corner Coffee downtown and, together, delve into the Bible and try and tackle a little bit of life over a good cup of joe.  The morning my Mom came to visit, Scott had started a new series called “Dumb Christian.”  Scott discussed as Christians, we have a lot of “knowledge” but not always, “wisdom.”  We discussed how sometimes the things we say and do can, for lack of a better word, make us look “dumb.”  He wasn’t trying to turn us all into non offensive, people pleasers; rather he was challenging us to think about the way we handle the knowledge we have and the way we act and represent Jesus in our community.  People don’t usually ever have a problem with Jesus, rather it is Christians that cause them to reject Him. 

That day we were driving home and we happened to see a young man and woman walking down the side walk.  I live in Uptown.  There are an array of people walking places all of the time.  However, these young people had captured my attention.  The boy had long dark hair that went a bit past his shoulders, a backwards black hat, cut off black shorts and a tan t-shirt with cut off sleeves with words written with a sharpie that read, “Jesus Sucks.”  My heart sank as I read it.  Anything irreverent, even a little bit (although that happened to be a lot), rubs against my soul like sand paper.  I knew he had a story and I would’ve loved to discover more of his life story.  We kept on driving.  When we had arrived back to our place, I saw these two kids sitting on the Corner.  I knew I had to go talk with them.  I had to find out their story.  I told my Mom to wait for me in front of my house.  She isn’t accustomed to doing such random things.  I walked to the corner where they were sitting.  My first words to them were, “Hey do you have a minute?”