Don’t you just love fresh starts? And new beginnings? As the snows melt outside and the tulips begin to bloom, we’re itching to begin airing out our homes and cleaning out the cob webs.  

I’m also reminded during this time of year of how Jesus Christ gives me fresh starts and new beginnings. Lots of them. Sometimes, I fail miserably in following Him, but He is faithful and never leaves me. (Deuteronomy 31:8) I don’t think it’s a coincidence that Spring and Easter arrive the same time each year.

So if you’ve got the “spring cleaning bug” here are some tips to guide you:   

  1. Start out early.  Beginning some time in March, choose one room to thoroughly clean in one week’s time.  Continue cleaning a different room each week; by the time May arrives your house will have taken on a new, clean look!
  2. Start out slowly.  You have an entire week to clean one room.  Begin by de-cluttering, throwing away junk and removing unwanted items.
  3. If you come across items that might prove useful to someone else, consider giving them away, selling them at a yard sale or donating them to charity.  You’ll qualify for a tax deduction with a donation.
  4. Clean out any closets located in your chosen room, throwing and sorting as you go.  This is a great time to install shelving units that are available at discount and hardware stores.  Storage tubs and bins are also handy in keeping things together in closet storage space.
  5. Next, tackle any cabinets/drawers and dresser storage areas.  It’s time to discard the lone socks that have been separated from their mates; box up items that could be donated or included in a garage sale.  Also remove any items from this room that belong elsewhere in your home.
  6. Removing the dirt and dust:  Clean your room from top to bottom.  Tackle those light fixtures and ceiling fans first, followed by lamp shades and pictures hung on the walls.  Check to see if your light fixture globes are dishwasher safe.  This works great and you never have to worry about streaking!
  7. Next, remove any curtains/drapes and have them laundered.  This is a good time to wash bed skirts and mini-blinds as well.
  8. Wash your chair rails and baseboards.  I use a mixture of 1 gallon water combined with ½ cup white vinegar.  Dry as you go.  This is an excellent time to make any repairs to wallpaper, nail holes, door stops, etc.
  9. Finish cleaning your room by vacuuming and/or shampooing the carpet.
  10. Leave window cleaning until early June.  This dreaded chore can be made easier with the use of a squeegee (available at your local hardware store).  The results are cleaner windows too!  First, wipe off the window with a solution of sudsy water created from your dishwashing detergent.  Then use a squeegee, wiping the squeegee with a clean dry cloth after each swipe.  Viola!  A clean, streak-free window every time. 

© Audrey Thomas