Empowered; im-pau-ered

                             1. increasing in spiritual strength

                             2. involves developing confidence in the power of the Holy Spirit

Where has your life journey brought you today? 

I want you to know that I truly believe that no matter if you are:

            – cruising through life right now with the top down on the convertible, hair          blowing in the wind, and laughing and talking with your best friend,

OR       -crashing through the most difficult trial you’ve ever experienced,

OR       -somewhere in between those two scenarios, you can walk through whatever happens today empowered. 

I don’t mean empowered like the former feminist movement agenda – pushing, demanding, and fighting.  But being an empowered women of faith, totally surrendering to Jesus Christ as Lord, and walking through life depending on the power of the Holy Spirit. 

Did you realize that we find the word power 119 times in Paul’s letters in the New Testament?  Sounds like an important word to me! 

Act 1:8 says:  you shall receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you; and you will be my witnesses….

“Power” in the Greek is dunamis, explosive strength, ability, and power.  It’s where we get the word dynamite.  So that verse really means that you receive explosive strength and ability when you receive the Holy Spirit.

Do you have a difficult conversation to face today?  Or you are tired and discouraged and still have to go to work?  Or you have a major decision to make?  Remember the Holy Spirit lives in you and comes with more strength and ability than you can imagine.  With just an upward glance toward heaven you can receive the power you need right now, this moment.