Have you ever had an unpleasant experience with someone who you knew to be a Christian that left you feeling confused, deeply hurt or disillusioned?  Well, I have a name for this type of experience: friendly fire.  The easiest way to describe ‘friendly fire’ is to say that it occurs when we attack each other with our words and behaviors.  Simply put, ‘friendly fire’ occurs when we direct negative actions or words (weapons) at each other.  ‘Friendly fire’ is synonymous with gossip, rumors, shunning, and cliques; and often results in offended and emotionally wounded people.

One of the most damaging results of friendly fire is when someone, because of a painful relational experience, withdraws from others; and more importantly decides not to attend church.  I identify these individuals as ‘casualties.’  There are others who express feelings of isolation and alienation from friends, family or members of the church they now attend who I identify as ‘walking wounded.’ 

For many finding the road that will take them through the process of individual healing is an important part of remaining connected or reconnecting to people in the church, the body of Christ.  I feel fortunate that after I had a ‘friendly fire’ experience several years ago I did find the road to healing; and this road kept me in my place within the body of Christ.  This road is available to anyone, they just need to know how to find and access it.

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