Devotional Story:

My puppy, Jack, got his cast off on Saturday.  I was so excited for Jack to be free from the humongous cast which seemed to weigh him down at times.  I held my breath, praying he would be able to walk and not fall.  As Jack came toward me, I noticed right away he did not use all four legs.  He hopped on three, holding up the other.  

The cast had held his leg in place for so long; Jack’s muscles were weak.  When muscles are not used, over time they lose their strength and tone.  To build up the muscle again can take a long time.  This is not an overnight process.      

Thought for the week:

Almost instantly I heard God saying to me, Christians who continually feed but never take action are just like Jack.  They do not have any strength or tone in their spiritual muscles.  When I start to move, some Christians can get left behind because they are out of shape.  Are you spiritually out of shape?  If you only read the scriptures and listen to the sermons but do not put what you learn into practice, your muscles may be weak.


James 1:22-25