Jack, my little puppy, is so lively and adores being around people.  He gets extremely wound up when we come home he dances and spins around in circles.  It can take me several minutes to settle him down. 

This morning Mike was downstairs at the breakfast table and Jack was locked safely upstairs for the morning or so we thought.  Jack jumped over the rail and down about four feet to the stairs.  He landed on his front paw breaking his little front leg bone right above the paw and leg joint. 

He is all drugged up now and spending a lot of time on mom and dad’s lap.  He has a cast reaching from the very top of his leg down to the tip of his paw. 

Thought for the Week:  Just like I am taking special care of my little puppy, I love so dearly, God takes extraordinary care of us when we hurt.  I would love to take the hurt away from Jack; however there are consequences for actions.  Just like Jack will have to take some time to heal, we sometimes make decisions causing us hurt.  We can pray all we want for God to take the pain away, but consequences do follow our decisions. Yet, God’s love for us is so strong.  He is there wrapping His arms of love around us and coddling us until the hurting stops and we are back on our feet again. 

Romans 8:31-39