My friend’s request was clever and it caught me off-guard. “Could I borrow you for lunch one day next week?” she asked. After further inquiry, I realized that my young Christian friend was asking me to become her spiritual mentor. How could I refuse? “I need someone to talk to,” she confided.

Requests for one-on-one mentoring often take on a note of urgency in today’s hectic and complicated world. All of us need help and advice from someone who is a few steps ahead of us on this journey called life. Ideally, godly principles and encouragement are shared both ways, each of the parties is challenged and stretched, and two lives are enriched forever.

Special benefits are in store for those mentoring with someone from a spiritual perspective. We can cast a vision for growth-oriented goals that have a Kingdom purpose. We can offer practical spiritual helps and explore the wealth of Christian resources available to women today. Best of all—we can become good friends in the Lord!

If finding a mentor is on your mind, here are a few attributes to look for:

M – Mature and stable: a woman with exemplary Christian character who loves the Lord.

E – Experienced: successful in the areas where you need development or assurance.

N – Nurturing: an encourager who will come alongside without acting like “mother superior.”

T – Transparent and Trustworthy: speaks from the heart and never breaks confidentiality.

O – Organized: keeps her commitments and places value on your time as well as her own.

R – Realistic: guides you toward attainable goals and lovingly keeps you accountable.

There is great power in partnering with someone who wants to see you prosper spiritually. Whenever two women take the time to connect on an intimate, spiritual level, something wonderful happens. Pray for someone who will take on the role of spiritual MENTOR in your life.

“They gave themselves first to the Lord and then to us in keeping with God’s will” (2 Corinthians 8:5).