Do you have someone you can count on (or call on) in a time of need?  Are you that someone for another person?  Do you have the ability to help someone who is in need?  I know I’m asking a lot of questions, but stay with me…..I am going somewhere with this.  Let me take a few minutes to paint the picture of a few images I am wondering if you see around you. 

People arrive at work to find that their manager is holding an emergency meeting with their team at noon.  They are trying not to be apprehensive, but can’t help wondering what the meeting is about.  Noon arrives, they’re herded into a conference room with their co-workers; and hear the news that their jobs are being eliminated due to budgetary cuts.  Their thoughts turn to how will they make ends meet?  How will they find a new job in THIS economy?  There are people they know that have been out of work for over a year…. 

This is not what anyone hopes for, yet if they do find themselves in this situation it’s at this time they find themselves needing someone to count on.   What does that mean, “someone to count on?”  It means being able to listen or offering advice (when asked, not unsolicited).  It might be buying a box of pampers or baby formula or a package of meat when you’re doing your shopping; and giving it to someone with a note that says “thinking about you.”  Or, maybe it’s keeping your eyes and ears open for work opportunities that match the skills of someone who has just lost their job. 

Being someone to count on is about building connections and relationships that stand the test of time, weather the storms of life, allows each of us to shine through what we do best; and develop a sense of being in this journey called life together. 

Let’s all become someone to count on!

Connect…Inspire…Be Transformed!

Published by Linda Garrett-Johnson, The Word Applied, Inc.
Copyright© 2010 Linda Garrett-Johnson & The Word Applied, Inc., All rights reserved.