I have never been able to relate to those people (like my husband) who can “forget” to eat lunch.  How can a person just be so busy that he loses track of time and doesn’t eat?  However, I am really good at being so busy that I forget to drink anything.  I will be working away and realize that I am really thirsty and haven’t had anything to drink in hours.  Sometimes I realize I’m thirsty but I’m actually too lazy or too involved in what I’m doing to walk across the room to get a drink.

Just as my physical body needs water, my spiritual body needs water.  How often do I get caught up in the busyness of life that I don’t even realize how thirsty my spirit is?  How often do I realize that I’m thirsty, but I don’t stop to take time to drink of the Living Water?

I have had moments when I have been so caught up in the daily pressures of life that I don’t stop to even realize that my spirit is lacking and craving refreshment.  I have gotten so busy that I don’t stop to make time to refresh myself; and sadly, I have had times when I have been too lazy to get up and refresh myself. 

In John 4, Jesus encounters the woman at the well and refers to “living water”.  He explains to this woman that He is the source of living water.  If we come to Him, we will never thirst.  I have found that I do thirst though.  Whenever I get so busy with life, that I don’t make time for my relationship with Christ, I begin to thirst.  Our spirits are designed like our bodies in this manner.  We need to replenish and refresh them. 

How do I replenish and refresh?  I get back to the basics: praying, reading my Bible, spending time with other Christians, and finding ways to serve God with the gifts He has given me.

Have you had any Living Water today?