I enjoy the show The Office. Many of the characters remind me of people I have known in my life. The episode where Pam had her baby made me laugh so hard I had tears in my eyes and my cheeks hurt from laughing. The flaws of the characters make the show humorous, yet in reality those flaws aren’t so funny.

The character of Angela is portrayed as the “Christian,” yet she is hypocritical and mean. She does not personify being Christ-like at all. Sadly, many non-Christians view all Christians to be like Angela. Even worse, many have seen Christians live out this example.

I wish our world would view Christians differently. My desire is not so much for our personal reputations but for the reputation of Christ. We are to represent Him. If the world views us as hypocritical and mean people, how do they view Christ?

Stereotypes will always exist, and the lies of the enemy will continue to distort the truth, yet do we have what it takes to turn the Christian stereotype into something positive that reflects the truth of God?

When you look at your own life, what does a non-Christian see? A hypocrite? A mean person? Or do they see Christ?