If you’ve ever had someone give you something out of the blue that you’ve been longing for, and they get you the best, the prettiest, the most unique version…they went the extra mile… you know the feeling you get inside.   Its an incredible sense of kindness and love being sent your way.

For me, that someone was God.

I had been in a car accident (everyone was ok!) and my car was totalled. It was an older car with high mileage so it didn’t take much to total it.  My husband and I are pretty practical people, so instead of taking the insurance check and running to a car dealership, we decided to fix the car and take our time looking for a different one.  

I began to search the internet for a vehicle, and well, a little dreaming crept in.  I had seen a Mazda RX-8 in a parking lot and thought, “That’s a cool [sports] car!”  I’ve been driving the “mom car” for a lot of years so the thought of a sports car was, well…not an option.  I began looking at used RX-8s on the web.  As soon as I would see one that I liked, it would be sold.  After a week or so of this, I was (and I hate to admit this), beginning to feel sorry for myself!  Fortunately, I snapped out of my pity party fairly quickly and began to thank the Lord for the car I had and all His wonderful blessings.  Then I proceeded to tell the Lord that not only did he own all the cattle on a thousand hills (Ps. 50:10), He owned all the RX-8s on a thousand hills too.  If He had one for me, He will give it to me.  If not, I’m ok. 

The next day, there it was on the web.  A 2005, Black Cherry Special Edition RX-8 (only 2,100 ever made) with an upgraded interior, and only 30,000 miles!  Still for sale!  After some begging, my husband went with me to see it.  It was amazing.   It happened to be our anniversary weekend, so my husband said, “This car is you. Think of it as your anniversary gift.  You deserve it.”   I couldn’t have been more overwhelmed with the kindness of God and my husband.  I didn’t feel like I deserved it! 

Not only did God give me the kind of car I wanted, He gave me the Special Edition.  That’s our God.  He does abundantly more than we ask or imagine. 

God did something else too.  As I was driving my new car one day, feeling humbled and touched by God’s kind gesture, He reminded me that if He heard the desire of my heart about something superficial like getting a sports car, how much more could I be assured that He was hearing the desires of my heart that were much more serious and important.    

In that moment, my heart was encouraged and my faith was strengthened.  He would take care of the really important matters in my life.   He will in your life too.

If you’re going through a hard season right now, or you’ve been waiting on God to answer prayers that are infinitely more important than a car, may you rest assured that God hears your heart and cares.   

I’d like to ask you to do a couple of things while you wait on God:

1.  Take a few moments to think of all the blessings in your life.  Thank Him.  We all have much to be thankful for.

2.  Remind yourself of the times God has answered prayer in your life.  Think about when He went above and beyond and gave you the “Special Edition”.

Be encouraged.