I was looking through my favorite handmade gifts I gave last Christmas, and this no-sew tutu tutorial I found on eHow.com was by far my favorite…both to make and to give. The joy of watching a little girl unwrap something pink and puffy is worth every minute spent on this tutu.

No-Sew Tutu

You will need: 6 yards of tulle, 1 inch elastic, sewing scissors, stapler, ruler

Step 1: Cut the tulle width-wise into six inch strips. It is easiest to fold the tulle a few times to cut through multiple layers. Easier still is to use a rotary blade on your cutting board.

Step 2: Measure your child’s waist and cut the elastic so that the edges overlap by an inch or so. Use your stapler to hold the elastic together using three vertical staples, running up and down the elastic and not side to side. You also can use a no-stitch glue.

Step 3: Take your first strip of tulle and knot it around the elastic band so that each knot has two long strips of tulle. Repeat this process with all of your strips of tulle. You will be amazed at how your tutu fills out by the end.

Step 4: Once all tulle has been tied to the waistband, straighten the knots and “comb” down the tulle (which often will tangle with the other strips)

For more images, go to http://beccagroves.blogspot.com/2010/01/my-favorite-gift-i-gave.html