Redeemed, set free…

I am free…

You set me free

Have you ever found yourself singing a song about how God sets us free but felt completely bound up and not free? Have you wondered if everyone else is experiencing freedom while you aren’t?

When straining against feelings of captivity, what is your response? My natural instinct is to try to escape the feelings of bondage. Unfortunately, as I struggle to free myself, I become more entangled and unable to experience the freedom that is talked about in so many songs. I blame my inadequate faith and struggle with my lack of understanding. I pull against the feelings that are surrounding me. I want to escape the thoughts which torment my mind. I might lose sleep or use sleep as an escape. I might eat more or less. I might try to increase my tasks so that I don’t have time to think. None of those things bring me the freedom I desperately need.

As a child did you ever stick your fingers in a Chinese finger trap (Chinese handcuffs)? After you insert your fingers, the toy tightens if you try to pull them straight out. Instead, to gain freedom you must push your fingers toward each other and relax. Fighting the toy does not bring freedom. Quicksand also uses the same principle. The more you fight it, the deeper you sink. Conversely when you relax, your body will float in the quicksand.

Freedom in Christ can be gained like freedom from a finger trap or quicksand. When we relax and surrender to Him, we can be set free. Our freedom is not contingent on how well we fight the battle, but how well we surrender to Him.

Are you experiencing freedom in Christ? What areas of your life are in bondage?

How are you fighting bondage? How can you surrender to Him?