The coffee shop was packed with people catching up, discussing business, and those focusing intently on their computers.   A low-pitched hum enveloped the room that was warmly interrupted by the espresso “frothing” machine and the sounds of women’s laughter – signifying a lofty brief escape from their busy lives.  Yet I sat at my table-for-two, stunned!  My childhood friend just casually blurted out to me that she knew what “God’s will was for her life.”

     I gathered the attention of those around me as I loudly choked on my tea.  (Yes, I am a green-tea Jesus girl.)  While a drip was still hanging on my nose I could only intelligently respond with a half questioning, “Wow.”   (This was due to the seven conversations I immediately began having with myself upon her mighty declaration.)

     “No really,” she reiterated.  “I know what God’s will is for my life.”

     I now was 30 seconds into the conversation.  I had ample time to access my spiritual bank of Bible verses, Bible talks, devotionals, life experiences and general knowledge of my friend’s life to firmly come to the conclusion that anything she was about to say to me would be “limited” at best.  After all, this was not Chuck Swindoll sitting in front of me, this was my friend.

    “That’s awesome,” I replied.   Now, I was back in High School and the best reply I could give to this ground breaking statement was, “that’s awesome?” 

     The big question for me really was, did I want to hear her answer?  Honestly, yes and no. 

A.    Yes: because clearly she just needed to be listened to and what would come out of her mouth couldn’t possibly be her final answer. 

B.     No: because what if she did have a revelation from God and really did know His will for her?  Where did this leave me?  Did the revelation train already leave and I didn’t get a chance to hop on board?

     Then after a few sips of her dark roast coffee and a long pause she finally said it, “God’s will for my life is to be willing.”

     This simple, yet profound statement quieted the voices in my head.  

     The room actually became silent to me and my friend even faded off into the distance.  I knew I was hearing Truth.  God was confirming Truth to my Spirit, right there in the middle of the coffee shop.  My thoughts slowly went to the relationships, plans, actions, and motivations that I needed to surrender to Him.  I viewed the video tape in my head for what seemed like the length of a feature film, but was truly just a few moments.  Yes it was true: while I might have played the role of the surrendered woman, I knew in my heart that there was a limit to what I would willingly give up control of and truly let God be in the driver’s seat.

     My eyes and ears became focused again on my sweet friend and the peace on her face.  Tears welled up in my eyes as I thanked her for sharing with me.  Those few moments of intimate conversation in a crowded coffee shop were a part of God’s gentle invitation to me and they would change my life forever.

     It is not a prayer for the faint of heart, but I have prayed it ever since, “Lord, I am willing.” 

     The “great adventure” along with the “challenge to surrender” have been amazing!  Not easy…but transformational!

So, is your heart beating wildly?  Perhaps it’s God’s whisper.  Is He asking you to join Him and have Him direct your path? Don’t miss out. If you are ready, just respond back to Him, 

“ Lord, I am willing.”