I have heard the terms “spiritual maturity” and “mature Christian” a lot lately and it has me wondering what does that mean exactly?  What does it mean to be “mature”?  I laugh when I see it used in marketing and the media.  I would definitely more appt to buy a product for the “mature woman” than an “old woman”.  Mature makes me feel like an adult rather than just someone who has become wrinkled.  But “Mature” doesn’t sound like much fun! 

Over the years I have worked with some clients that came to me for financial advice, paid me good money to develop a financial plan, but they did not want to use the advice.  They asked me to show them how to right their financial ship, and yet they refused to do those exact things that would help them.  They want to continue doing what they have been doing, but getting a different result.  Out of these experiences, I have coined the phrase “Financial Immaturity”. 

Kristi Andersen’s definition:  Financial Immaturity v.  1.taking child like actions in financial matters  Financially Immature n. 1.the state of acting like a child in stewardship and money matters.

For you visual learners, think of a time when you have seen a child sitting in the shopping cart at a store, screaming for a toy or candy they want, but Mom isn’t giving it to them.  They are absolutely enraged that they can’t have what they want.  They are making a huge scene. That is what immaturity looks like.  Financial immaturity is an adult that acts the same way with “things”, homes, clothes, apartments, cars, etc.

Financial immaturity isn’t something that happens only to people who are not Christians, it happens with mature Christians as well.  I was in a Bible Study at my church years ago and a woman shared how much debt their family was in, and how her husband was irresponsible with money, and how it was so much stress on her and the family.  So what was she going to do?  She was going to take a Christian cruise with some women friends to get away and relax.  This not only is “Financial Immaturity” but “Financial Insanity” as well!

Our culture encourages financial immaturity. We also live in a world with so much pain and suffering that “things” are a common source of comfort.  This always brings me back to a statement a wise person once told me “When you are one with Christ, you get to have all the things most people spend a lifetime chasing”.

Given that the Bible talks so much about money and stewardship can you really be right with Christ and be continue to be “Financially Immature”?  Think about it.

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