I attend a lot of conferences, particularly women’s conferences, and thus, I spend a lot of time in restroom lines with other women who also need to “rest.”  I seriously believe that if I didn’t have this “resting” issue to deal with I would have all the time in the world to accomplish what I need to accomplish, but alas, this too, is part of life.

Since I seem to spend more time in lines for restrooms than the average Jane, I figure I might as well chat with people while I’m in there.  Over the years, I’m heard some intriguing stories and met some interesting people in the restroom lines.  Occasionally, people don’t really seem like they want to chat.  Honestly, I don’t understand that.  I mean, what else are they going to do while they are standing there; contemplate the urgency of the situation?  Usually, however, most people are willing to converse to pass the time as they wait.

Not that long ago, I turned to the woman behind me to see if she looked like a “chatter.”  She did so I asked her what church she was from (we were at a church conference, otherwise it would have been a stupid opening question.)  She told me she was a missionary to Thailand. As it so happened, I knew a woman who was a missionary in Thailand whom I’d met a few years earlier.  We weren’t like best friends, but we had conversed and emailed back and forth a few times.  Well, I just had to ask my new “restroom” friend if she knew my Thailand missionary friend.  Turns out, she not only knew her, she WAS her!  Neither of us had recognized the other person which I’m grateful for because usually it’s just me who doesn’t remember someone.  What a hoot to run into her under these circumstances.

I’ve decided to embrace my restroom waiting time.  You just never know who you’ll meet, or meet again, as the case may be.  Maybe we should just refer to it as “networking.”  It’ll sound so much more important that way.

I do wonder sometimes how men ever get to know anyone. There is never a line for their restroom.