I am going to be a wife in just a few days. I am going to be a wife to a Children’s Pastor. I am going to be a wife to the ministry.

My fiance and I have had the privilege of being involved in ministry together throughout our entire relationship. I don’t know what it’s like to be in a relationship where we both have ordinary jobs and just go to church on the weekends. Even though there are times that I wish that were the case, I know that’s not what God had in mind. I feel enormously blessed where we are planted right now and not just because of the testimony I am about to share. Our church family is becoming just that: our family.

Chad and I had gone out to breakfast bright and early on a Sunday morning not too long ago, just to spend some quality time together and talk about how the Kids service was going to go that morning. We decided to go to his office to make some print-outs for an activity we planned to do. We are a part of a mobile church and although the office is only a hop skip and a jump away from the theatre that our church is held at, it isn’t very often that we make our way there on a Sunday morning before church.

Chad and I had planned that afternoon to begin moving his belongings into the apartment him and I would be living in after we are married and we knew that the load was going to be small and easy to transport. Chad came to Minnesota with one suitcase and hasn’t acquired much more these last 3 years. Since we’ve started our own little upholstery hobby, the only furniture we’ve acquired and own is 1 ottoman and 2 chairs that we’ve paid a combined $40 for. We’ve been praying for several months now that God would provide us with a couch, table, chairs, a bed, dressers, etc. or a way to purchase that furniture with our very minimal budget.We had come to grips with the fact that we would need to purchase things slowly, that we would be okay with having craigslist finds or thrift store jewels.

Now back to that Sunday morning. We walked into Chad’s office and he saw an envelope sitting on his desk. He was going to wait until Monday to go through his mail but since it was one single envelope with no return address it seemed suspicious. We opened it and to our surprise found a beautiful letter and a $1,000 gift to bless us as we begin our lives together.

I am in total awe at the faithfulness of our God! He knows our needs so intimately that he would call an anonymous giver from our church family to bless us as we continue to seek Him for our future marriage. Amen!