I’m always amazed by the degree to which a baby is formed before there is any visible evidence of a woman’s pregnancy.  Before a woman starts to show, a baby has fingers that open and close, toes that curl, and even kidneys that are already starting to function.  Each time I was pregnant, I was astounded that all of this was happening with little physical proof.  Had I not experienced nausea, fatigue and heartburn, I would never have believed I was pregnant.  Even then, it took faith to accept that those symptoms were caused by a tiny life growing inside me.  Nonetheless, my baby was being intricately formed, even though I could not see what was happening.

Not too long ago, our valiant navy seals were able to defeat the long sought after Osama Bin Laden.  Many commentators were bewildered that we had no idea this was about to take place.  It seemed to come completely out of the blue, but long before we knew of this, a complex plan was in place.  For months prior, top government officials were planning the attack, navy seals were training, and our Commander-in-Chief was waiting for the most opportune time to execute a successful mission.  All of this was happening, even though we had no knowledge of it.

It’s easy to become discouraged during times where we see no visible evidence of God’s hand.  Maybe you have been praying about a situation for years and have seen no results.  However, just as we had no idea of the plan that was being carried out to get Bin Laden, we have no idea of the plan God is currently carrying out to deliver, heal, and rescue you!  Things are happening in the spiritual realm that you have no knowledge of.

Although an expectant mother can’t see her baby grow, she believes her child is coming.  In faith, she takes her prenatal vitamins, abstains from harmful behaviors, and prepares for his arrival.  Today, I encourage you to believe your answer is coming.  Just because you have not yet seen physical evidence of God’s hand, does not mean that he hasn’t been at work.

God has NOT forgotten about you, friend!  (Isaiah 49:15)  On the contrary, He is the Lord, your God who takes hold of your hand and says, ‘Do not be afraid… for I myself will help you’ (Isaiah 41:13-14).  His eyes are on you and his ears are attentive to your cry (Psalm 34:15).  And you are engraved on his very hands (Isaiah 49:15-16). 

I pray that your faith would grow stronger today and that you would have a renewed sense of hope in God’s power and His great love for you.  Because those who hope in Him will not be disappointed (Isaiah 49:23).