I hopped on a bike the other day for the first time in almost 10 years.  My husband had suggested that we get a second bike and a bike trailer for the kids.  It sounded like so much fun to enjoy the outdoors together as a family!  With no apprehension whatsoever, I agreed.  When it was time to actually hit the road, however, a great deal of uneasiness set it.

“I don’t remember it being this tough to balance as a kid,” I thought.  “And I certainly don’t remember my knees creaking or being this afraid of falling… And I am absolutely positive that the bones in my nether-regions were not in this much pain… Sheesh!  All of that stuff they say about being able to hop right back on a bike is a bunch of bologna!”

I pedaled on, tightly squeezing the break down even the slightest hill and putting up with every hair that blew in my face… I dare not let go of one hand to brush it away.  “I wish I were enjoying this more… it should be so much fun!  Are we ever going to do this again?”

By the end of our ride, I was feeling a little more confident… although, my bottom was sore for a day or two.  We went out again a few days later.  By the third time, I was brave enough to take the kids out on my own.  And a funny thing happened: I got more comfortable.  I was o.k. with picking up speed as I was going downhill.  I let go of one hand to scratch my face.  I wasn’t constantly thinking about my sore bottom.  And, by golly, I was having FUN!

During that first bike ride, I was thinking, “Don’t tell me anything is just like riding a bike! ‘Cause if you tell me that, I’m NOT gonna want to do it!”  But that got me thinking… the old saying technically goes, “You never forget how to ride a bike.”  And that was true…  I hadn’t forgotten how to ride a bike.  I could do it… It was uncomfortable and I was apprehensive, but I had not forgotten.  I just needed some time to regain my confidence.

Perhaps you have been wanting to try something that you haven’t done for a while.  Maybe its heading back into the workforce after some time away, or going back to school, redeveloping your prayer life that has weakened over time, playing an instrument you played as a child, or maybe it’s – riding a bike…  Whatever it is, I cannot guarantee you will jump back into full swing the first time you try.  Most likely, it will feel uncomfortable at first, but you will get there!  Give yourself time to readjust.  Keep trying… the results will be worth it.  You might even find yourself having fun!