So I work at this amazing church in Spring Lake Park – its called Emmanuel Christian Center. And every week we have staff devotions; today’s really stuck out to me…

We looked at the story of David’s anointing and how most of his life, he lived in the gap. And by “gap” I mean, he lived a lot of his days between the promise God gave him and the actual fulfillment of the promise. God called him to be king, yet he dealt with a lot of junk until the day he got the crown. Even his very life was threatened.

I feel like I’m living in a gap right now. I know where I want to go and I’m excited for all the things to come, but I can’t quite see it yet. But I’ll keep going because I know that what God says is true and always good.

Another thing to note within David’s story is that God gives us His favor, not for our own benefit or ego-boost, but for His glory. He doesn’t give favor to people so that everyone will think that person is really talented or amazing, rather God chooses to do so in order that He can be seen even more clearly.

It’s good to be reminded to be faithful to the Lord. He’s given us everything we have. Lets live our lives mindful of the gaps in which it isn’t so easy to stay faithful and trusting. No matter what season you’re in, stay faithful and true to One. Everything else will work out.