Has God put a promise in your heart? Is He leading you some place new and out of your realm of comfort and control? I pray you’ll follow Him there. But first, wait on Him. Get your marching orders from Him. Seek wise counsel and confirmation from His Word. Wait to hear the word of the Lord, and then, go on and take the new land.

But here’s something important you and I must remember: Every time God offers to give us something, the enemy threatens to take it from us. When God plants seeds in the soil of our hearts, it’s the enemy’s desire to snatch them up again. When God leads us to lay hold of a promised land, it’s the enemy’s desire to bully us and oppose us so we’ll turn around, thinking we heard God all wrong.

So what’s a person to do?

We remember the Word of the Lord!

God loves us and knows how to communicate with us in a way we’ll understand. So if during the waiting season, you know you’ve heard from God  because He spoke something deep into your heart and confirmed it in His Word, then hang on to it with bulldog faith. Because right on the heels of the Lord will be that enemy to throw shadows of doubt over your day. He’s hoping to find an opening of unbelief by asking you what he asked Eve, “Did God really say…Are you sure of that?” 

I asked God how I was supposed to win this predictable yet daunting battle with the enemy, every time I stepped out to do something new and His answer blessed me so. He said, “Remember in the darkness what I told you in the light. Hang on to my Word with all your might. Submit your plans to me. Resist the enemy’s taunts; don’t take his bait; eventually he will have to flee from you.”

I pray this encourages you as well.

It’s always wise to wait first on God. Wait on Him. Give Him time and room to speak into your life. His plans for you are far greater that your plans for your own life. Wait on Him, you’ll hear Him eventually. Then, you’ll have all you need to face down your giants of fear and march through enemy territory, that you might take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of you.

Remember the words He has spoken to you!