Interesting fact scientists consider the tongue the strongest muscle in the body.  It always excites me when I find facts to confirm scripture.  We use our tongue to communicate the words we speak.  The power of life and death is in the tongue.

My parents have been staying at my home on and off this summer.  They are very generous when it comes to buying food.  However, the counter is always full of stuff when they are around.  Mike and I both like our counters clean.

I tried to place something on the counter, and there was not enough room, so it falls to the floor.  I make a sarcastic comment; this is why I like the counter clean.  Did I just hurt my mom’s feelings?  My mom was not at fault here.  I was!  I did not make sure there was enough room on the counter before letting the object fall to the floor. 

Last month as I was studying the character trait of wisdom, my husband gave me a very wise suggestion.  When he gets into an intense conversation where it is easy for him to speak his mind before thinking, he will literally put his index finger over his lips to help him to think before he speaks.  It is a very subtle reminder to be careful when he speaks.

Thought for the Week:  What do I communicate when I am using my tongue?  Am I communicating words of life, which heal, and comfort?  Alternatively, is the reverse true, am I communicating words of death, which kill and destroy?  I desire to communicate life.  I want to speak into peoples’ lives and help them be healed, set free, or saved.   

James 3:1-12