I was sleeping soundly and was very cozy in my bed one bright sunny morning in April when I was awakened by a still small voice.  “No God, not today”, I responded.  I had just barely started the journey of writing a book.  It was a book I felt like God was calling me to write. God had been faithful in helping me to have quiet time before my three young children would wake up in the morning, but I had already decided that this morning, I was going to sleep.  I had too much to do on this particular day.  I was going to be attending a women’s conference and the amount of preparation it was going to take for me to leave for 24 hours was almost more than I could manage.  I heard it again.  “No God, not today!” I insisted.  After about 20 minutes of not sleeping, I answered back, “OK Lord, what do you need?”  “I need you to start your Holy Spirit chapter today.”  With a less than perfect attitude, I rolled out of my bed and hobbled to my computer to be obedient.  I didn’t really have a clue where to start.  God was faithful as He always is.  I started to type and He did the rest.  I was amazed at the insight He was flowing through me onto my computer screen.  It was such a blessed time. 

Then they were up, three children, under the age of six.  Each of them having their individual, immediate needs and only one of me to meet them.  I really tried to keep a good attitude while changing diapers and finding the perfect breakfast meal for each little taste.  Don’t get me wrong.  I love them dearly, they are such blessings, but I had things to prepare.  I needed to be packed and ready to go so I could meet women at church by 10 am.  At this point it was looking impossible. 

Amid what seemed like complete chaos, I noticed that I needed to pack a journal for the retreat.  My thoughts immediately raced, “I don’t have a journal.”  “Do I need to buy one?”  Suddenly, I heard Him again.  “Look in your drawer.”  I knew immediately what drawer God was referring to, though He didn’t specifically tell me with words.  A picture of the drawer next to my bed appeared in my thoughts.  I wondered why.  There was a lot of stuff in that drawer, but to my knowledge there was not a journal.  I went and opened it.  There placed neatly on top of the pile of papers and books was a beautiful journal.  I vaguely remembered it.  I remembered that I had received it for a gift many years before, however I hadn’t remembered seeing it for a very long time.  I sat down on my bed in amazement and wonder…and remorse for my bad attitude.  I opened it.  There were only a few things written in the entire book.  The first page had the date 4-16-00 scribbled in green gel pen on the top corner.  I read that I’d talked with Emily that night and later received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues for the first time. I was also reminded that I had received this journal from Emily for my birthday a few days before. 

I quickly ran out of my room to tell my husband.  I excitedly told him about the journal and how I found it and what it said.  There was silence.  Then he said, “that is very close to today’s date.”  “Wait… that is today’s date!  You received the Baptism of the Holy Spirit and prayed in tongues 10 years ago today!”  I have to say I was just about speechless. 

At this moment I was so in awe of God.  Here our great and awesome God had lined up these circumstances 10 years earlier.  A dear friend, Emily, decided to bless me with a journal for my birthday.  I don’t usually journal, but God had me write about this one tidbit of my life.  There are very few tidbits of my life written in journals to this day, yet God knew.  Finally, He woke me up to write the Holy Spirit chapter of a book 10 years to the day that I received the gift of His overflowing Spirit myself.  What a great reminder that He has His hand in all things good in our life.  Even the things that seem insignificant may just be His perfect timing and His perfect plan.  You are awesome God!

O Lord, You have searched me and known me.  You know my sitting down and my rising up; You understand my thought afar off… Such knowledge is too wonderful for me; It is high, I cannot attain it. (Psalm 139:1,2,6 NKJV)

In the following months, God helped me complete the book titled Love God Live Life: 7 Principles for A Victorious Life in a Busy World.  It has been published and is currently available worldwide on all major online book retailers.  I took a step and he was faithful to do the rest.