A phrase my pastor used to frequently use was “we need childlike faith” to approach God. (Matt. 18:3) I knew there was a difference between the word “childish” and “childlike,” but I always assumed the latter referred to us accepting truths about our faith blindly. After all, children only know what they’re taught, right? So if I’m learning about God from the Bible, I just need to accept it.
    The only problem is…
    I’m a curious person. I don’t understand everything I read in the Bible. Bible commentaries help, but I don’t want to search too hard and give God the impression that His Word alone isn’t good enough for me.
    But all this was cleared up for me one day, thanks to my toddler.
    I was just getting out of the shower, drying off and thinking about eating a Pop-tart one cold winter morning when my two-year-old wandered into the bathroom. The conversation that followed went something like this:

HIM: Hi Mom.
ME: Hi.
HIM: Are you getting dressed?
ME: Yep.
HIM: Are you going to wear that sweater?
ME: Yes I am.
HIM: Is that your sweater?
ME: Of course it is! Whose sweater do you think I’d wear?!
HIM: [pause] Is it my sweater?
ME: No! It’s not yours! I just told you, it’s mine!
HIM: Oh. Are you wearing that sweater today?
ME: [taking a deep breath] Yes. I am wearing this sweater which is mine today.
HIM: Are you getting dressed?

    And that’s when I realized it. Children don’t accept anything at face value! Now, my child never once questioned aloud nor in his heart that I’m his mama. He never withdrew his love for me while asking his questions. He did, however, ask basic, fundamental questions over and over.

    I realize now that we can ask God questions about our faith. Just as my toddler was trying to sort out and process the daily minutia of life, we do the same with questions large and small in our faith. It doesn’t mean that our faith is shaky or that we don’t love Him fully. We need to be able to work out our salvation with utter reverence for Him (Phil. 2:12). The best part is, God is faithful to His promises (1Cor 1:9) and will be found by those who truly seek Him (Matt. 7:7).

    He is not a cold, cranky mom who just wants to be left alone to take her shower and eat a Pop-tart in peace.